The Different Types of Poker Hands


Poker hands are based on different types of card combinations. The best possible hand at a given moment is called the “nuts”. A pair of sevens is considered a “nuts hand,” and a pair of eights or nines is a straight. Other possible hands include a straight flush, trip sevens, and different suits.

Common poker moves

There are many common poker moves, and while they are not considered cheating, they can help you make the most of your hand. Some of these tactics involve moving chips closer to the center of the table, counting chips, or hiding high-value chips. These moves can give you a better hand and help you win more games.

High-card hands

High-card poker hands are a special type of poker hand that is only possible with five cards. The high card of a combination is the deciding factor. A high card combination is the least powerful possible poker hand. The following are the different types of High-card poker hands and their rank.

Draw poker

Draw poker is a variation of the traditional card game. Players will lay their hands face down in front of them and then make their bets. If the dealer calls a stipulation, there is another betting round. If it is not called, there is no betting round. Draw poker games can be played as limit games or pot-limit games. In limit games, players can bet any amount up to their stack size.

Straight flush

When playing poker, one of the most desirable hands is a Straight Flush. It is the highest hand possible to have in a game, but its odds of occurrence are very low. That being said, a Straight Flush in poker can be a profitable play in many situations.

Royal flush

The Royal Flush in poker is the ultimate hand in the game. It consists of a ten, jack, queen, and ace. It is often the highest hand in the game, and it is also the most difficult to obtain. It is a great example of how luck can play an important role in poker.

Backdoor flush

The backdoor flush in poker is an excellent strategy if you’ve got all the right cards on the turn and river. This hand is sometimes called the nuts because it is the best possible hand. For example, a button player could get a pair of sevens and hit the nut flush if he or she hit the right cards on the turn and river.